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Diseq 2.1 and 2.2 8 port LNB Switch does not work correctly

Hi, I got 8 port multicable splitter. I can get only 4 of portts to work and other 4 are not working. I use Professional version for x32 Tried with setups: Multiswitch 1st: all 4 working (A,B,C,D) changed cables to other side of splitter - all 4 working (E,F,G,H) So I am sure that the splitter is OK...

Re: Feature Requests

it would load all plugins in plugins folder like when starting ProgDVB.

Some plugins get stuck and need a restart.

It would just be a call to function to do the same but on every channel change.

SAT>IP for Cable


Not sure where to ask this so I am putting it in this part of forum.

I see there is an implementation of Sat>IP for Satelitte and for DVB-T. Can you make one for Cable maybe?

Is there a way to scan the cable DVB-T frequencies already but I just do not see them?


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