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Re: plugin issue

Could you please plane to add this in the future..
or if you have better idea to make that plugin work with progdvb
without need to manually activate and deactivate the plugin...
since this is the only plugin available that able to play power vu encrypted channels

plugin issue

Hi prog is there any way let me make certain plugin access certain channels only? I have problem in power vu plugin where it open power vu encrypted channel without problem but if power vu plugin active and i switched to FTA channel that cause progdvb to frezze! I guess it's power vu plugin issue a...

Re: prog sat finder diseqc switch problem and suggestion

If i try to add new sat to the dish and adjust the dish position prog finder will show signal zero even if i set the dish correctly to approximate location and if i press lock button signal is zero and i have to change the transponder and return again to first transponder so he will show me the sign...

Re: Progdvb server and client problem

using progdvb last version in server and client in client side channels after some time freeze (in random may be short or long time and that my be issue from server or cccam server..) so i just try to re switch to the same channel or different channel but progdvb freeze and i have to close it and op...

sat tube TV module or plugin!

HI prog There is a new service named sat tube TV where there use data channel to provide several TV channels !! so users subscribe in that service to be able to broadcast there own channel! and we can receive this channel by opening any channel in that transponder (that have the data channel) and p...

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