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Re: epg problem

leading space in channels name is solved Epg problem still there first time access channel after rescan epg is correct for afew second only, after three second EPG become wrong again if two files in channels folder are deleted Epg-8001AFE9 Epg-8001AFE9.index the cycle repeat again first time access...

Re: epg problem

BTW, the above sample have also 3 channels with leading space in channel name as shown in the picture the first three channels have leading space in channel name so if i sort channel by name they will appear first! even before channels began with "a" ! and i have to d...

prog sat finder diseqc switch problem and suggestion

first, thanks for prog sat finder it's very strong and very helpful i had a problem where diseqc switch doesn't work and prog sat finder see only the first port of diseqc switch. once i go to option-device properties and choose my sat card, and restart it, prog finder doesn't see all diseqc switch ...

Re: Feature Requests

GROW: And so. How you plan sync file with TV? Same with external audio. Translation not bad idea but how? Over some web service? about subtitle file if you watch the movie from beginning it will be a little bit easy to synchronize the subtitle to the movie by using delay option (even if i don't und...

Re: epg problem

Prog wrote:
Sat Feb 10, 2018 1:41 pm
btw, do you try remove Channels\epg*.dat files? Same problem?
Thanks for sample. I will check that in near time.
Yes i did that, i deleted epg file in channel folder and same problem
this problem found in progdvb 7.12 and all newer versions up to cureent release version 7.22.9

epg problem

Hi prog there is a problem in epg for MBC channels the epg of mbc drama for example contain events from other channel !! (mbc action ) as you can see in this picture there are events marked by mbc action because it belong to mbc action but it showed by mistake in mbc drama

Re: multi diseque switch

first diseqc 4x1 diseqc switch,3db losses and doesn't specify the type
is that mean he is 1.0?
second diseqc is 4 inb 2.0 switch
so they cant be connected together?
what i got from you that we can connect 1.0 with 1.1 or 2.1
and we cant connect it with 2.0 or 1.0 , right?

multi diseque switch

I have two diseqc 4x1 and i read that we can connect them together to get 7 sats ! without using tone switch or relay first diseqc switch 4x1 port1=sat1 port2=sat2 port3=sat3 port4= second diseqc 4x1 second diseqc port1=sat4 port2=sat5 port3=sat6 port4= sat7 can we connect two diseqc switch 4x1 toge...

Re: Feature Requests

Hi prog That's some suggestions for progdvb features 1.option to add subtitle from file since there is always that channel that show event (movie,series...) you want to watch but it doesn't support subtitle with your favorite language so, if you can make option to add subtitle file and control font...

Re: Progdvb server and client problem

Hi prog I found that client module doesn't add channels to channels list, but he rename other channels from the same frequency!!!! for example: if i open channel mbc2 for first time after scanning for channels it will work but later if i try open mbc2 it will lead to zee aflam (channel in same freq...

Re: Progdvb server and client problem

Try remove all channels on server size (channel list->clear), rescan and import on client in server pc i made channel list named "progdvb client" and copied fav channels to it and opened any channel in that new list and restart progdvb to make sure that list is applied to server in client pc i go t...

Re: Progdvb server and client problem

thanks for the great work this issue still be there 1. events in client have different time than server if there is event in server pc for certain channel timed to 13.00 it will be in client pc timed to 15.00, and client and server have same clock, date and time zone, so if it is not server problem...

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