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TV logos (Greek)

I attach some channels logos from Greek TV. They are in jpg format 300x300 (not transparent). Programmer can edit and embed them if he wants in a future edition of ProgDVB. The name of each logo is the same with the broadcast name of the channel. In the main folder are the logos of the channels that...

Problem with teletext

Watching a channel in smart tv via IPTV program (SS IPTV), channels with teletext, after a few seconds display teletext that hide totally the channel's picture. Is there an way to remove or deactivate teletext transmission, when broadcasting? In IPTV program, unfortunately, there is not such choice.

Re: Feature Requests

Thanos: In recording? I am not like this function because not stable. Any complex process request stable traffic... No. I mean when watching a channel via internet out of local network. In local network, it is OK. But when I try to watch via my external IP address, transmission is not smooth at all...

Re: About licence

But it uses Hardware ID, that is unique for each PC (I think so). I haven't test it yet, but in a few days I will try to install it in one more PC. I will feedback. Another question: I have bought x64 (only) version, but my other PC is x32. Could I install the x32/x64 Pro version, using my current l...

About licence

As I understand, if I am not wrong, ProgDVB Pro can only be registered and installed in only one PC. In other words,I can have only one copy of ProgDVB. This is OK and I understand it.

The question: What if my registered PC is not working any more, or I just want to install ProgDVB Pro in other PC?

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