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Re: Testing

I finally downloaded the ProgTV app from that App Store into an iPad mini 3. I loaded 2 different types working playlists 1 using Xtream Codes the other using IPTV Client.. Both loaded the channels quickly Xtreme Codes loaded channel logos very quickly. As I tried to view different channels in each ...

Re: FFmpeg player No sound

It’s vaders iptv services, When I install it to the first they work, but when there are several I said 'error', I installed ffmpeg code with a command terminal, Openmax code no work, mediaplayer + no work, ffmpeg I have worked but very slow and pixelated. the only one that works is mediaplayer, It’...

Re: Guide question

Sorry got back to you so late. I loaded my subscription service using xstream code and the guide worked properly on both the xstream and the m3u code with xmltv link. I could not repeat what happened earlier. If anything new pops up I will make sure I get logs and do a screen recording.

Guide question

I notice all channels that are listed on the epg Guide will only go 3 - 4 hours forward then it reverts 2 days back. In older versions of ProgTV BETA I was able to go over 24 hours forward on the guide to set a recording. I'm currently using version 2.71.7. When I check the guide using the subscript...

Acestream audio

Hi Prog, many acestream channels come with multiple language audio settings. Can you fix ProgTV BETA so we can select the audio we prefer for the acestream channel that's selected?

2.71.3 glitch with m3u list

Hi Prog, I updated to 2.71.3. I updated a m3u list in the new 2.71.3 update. The list is a working list. When accessing the list it should start at the beginning of the m3u list but now it does not. When opening the list in the 2.71.3 update all the channels are scrambled. They are not in the order ...

Re: Guide Displays Different Every Time - Android

Prog wrote:
Mon Nov 05, 2018 7:02 am
Still problem in modern interface?
I haven't checked to see if the single channel list guide still exists. I use the multi channel guide. I will check it for you late tonight. If it still exists I will do screen recording along with how to get back to multi channel list guide.

Re: 2.70.1 search problem

Found another minor glitch while trying to update a list in TV Sources. Scrolling down to the bottom of page worked fine trying to scroll across to update would not work. Each time I pressed the arrow key on the Rii I8 remote it would take me to top of the page into edit mode for the link. I had to ...

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