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Re: Creash repeatedly on startup

Type: Crash in unmanaged part Module: C:\Windows\system32\dxva2.dll Thread: 0x9ac 18:59:17.745 - !! TopLevelExceptionFilter !! ACCESS_VIOLATION/Continuable 18:59:17.746 - module: C:\Windows\system32\dxva2.dll 18:59:17.746 - thread: 0x9ac 18:59:17.748 - !! TopLevelExceptionFilter !! ACCESS_VIOLATION/...

Re: Creash repeatedly on startup

Not sure why I would need to uninstall and reinstall lose all my settings when it has been working just fine for a very long time. It work after a reboot but if I close the app and come back to it later ti will not run. And really just showing some minimal error and restarting in an endless loop is ...

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