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Recording To USB

Hello, On stable version at the moment, I have a external USB Drive that has high read and write speeds, yet when I to record to it I get an error message saying I do not have premession/authorization to record to it on ShieldTV, is their anyway to do this? I can record to the main drive fine but th...

Re: Enhancements (PROG Wants Opinions- Please Comment and Vote)

Frankboss wrote:
Wed Aug 08, 2018 9:09 pm
Skyscreamers, You need to be using both M3U and a XML EPG linked to the Source.

I am currently using those but not using the beta build, will have to get it loaded up on my Shield and then if I can't find the UI changes I will reach out for help

Re: Enhancements (PROG Wants Opinions- Please Comment and Vote)

You are correct, that when you specify a larger percentage for the font, all the text gets bigger. The problem is that if you set the percentage high enough for the description data to appear larger, the channel titles are TOO large. Here are 3 pictures set to 100%, 120% and 140%. The 140% makes th...

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