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Re: Can't load Pluto.TV links?

ProgDVB open m3u but problem with links in m3u So it downloads the link first? But you see it works in VLC if link is opened directly?

Re: Can't load Pluto.TV links?

I just noticed something, if I download the m3u8 with the browser and try to open the m3u8 file in browser it doesn't work, the m3u8 only has partial links like this: 572723/playlist.m3u8?terminate=false&deviceId=889540f0-712d-11e8-b9ec-8ba319deeadf&deviceVersion=37.0.2049.0&appVersion=2.0.0&deviceT...

Can't load Pluto.TV links?

I was trying to add all the streams from the free Pluto.TV and they work great in VLC but on ProgDVB it stays stuck on "Preparing..." Here's an example of one of the links from Pluto.TV:

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