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Pip and streaming

Hi I have two question about progdvb and twice satelite tunner. 1) if I want see on two diferent channel from different satelite(HotBird,Astra 23.5) why screen frozen about 5 seconds? 2)it is possible streaming channels in pip mode? Because I can’t choose channel in streaming settings.I see only pri...

ProgDvb config


It is possible this configuration with ProgDvb?

I have 1 pc with twin tunner 3xLNB.

And I want to watch on this PC over main progDvb.
And on my second PC (rasberry pi with kodi Os) i want to watch over second tunner?

If it is possible what kind of software from progdvb do i need?


Re: DigitalDevices


Everything is working now. :)
In dd driver was bug.After I installed new test version driver everything is good.

But one thing is interesting.

If I choose DigitalDevices or Microsoft API doesn't work only If I choose AverMEdia it is ok.
I have not tried other options.

Thank you

Re: DigitalDevices

I have Progdvb pro 7.25.05

I tried all the Api options but none of them works.

Switch is setting on Diseqc 1.0 (4)
set.png (7.34 KiB) Viewed 11224 times
Any other tips for me?

I have DiseqC switch with Position command.

Re: DigitalDevices

I tried all the options but none of them works.

Diseqc switcher can be two different command control Option/Position.

Where can I setup which command have to progDvb use?

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