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Re: Diseqc settings lost after restart with DVB device not a

Tnx for the quick reply. The issue is not the crash. This i unterstand, no problem. The problem is that the Diseqc settings are lost if ProgDVB starts again and the driver is crashed and the adapter is not available and gets disabled. After computer restart, and reenable the BDA interface, the inter...

Diseqc settings lost after restart with DVB device not avail

Hello, I found a behavior on ProgDVB pro (6.51.04 currently) wich i think is not correct. Setup: Skystar HD with 10 port Diseqc 1.1 switch. After a program crash there is a posibility that the receiver card is left in an non-functional state. If ProgDVB is restarted, the adapter gets disabled in TV ...

Internet Gate Server


Now this sounds very nice and useful.
But is there a place to get some info about?
What client, protocol and port to use?
How to set it up?

Thank you and keep up the good work.

When trying to add a favorite through copy/paste from another list there seems to be 2 errors. First case All folders are collapsed. I have 2 folder with some channels inside Now the first folder is selected. I try to paste a channel into the second folder by doing a right click on the second folder...

You can select "NVIDIA Video Decoder" on the 6 test version, if you have the nVidia DVD decoder with Purevideo enabled. Alternatively, new Cyberlink codecs make use of Purevideo (version 7 and up as far as i know). I personally use the Cyberlink driver delivered with the Skystar HD. I got 12% CPU lo...

ProgDVB 6.0.2 bug report

Hello, Just a low priority issue :-) Full screen rendering hangs on secondary monitor when switching from normal window to full screen. Also there is no rendering restart on leaving full screen. This happens only if using Enhanced Video Renderer. OK on VMR9 (but this gives low frame rate below 25fps...

I ran debug...
Here the outputs:

[Pictures removed since they're not needed any more :wink: ]

I hope it helps...
By the way: tried with EVR, VMR9 and VMR7, Cyberlink and Elecard codecs, HD and SD channels, free and crypted.
Radio channels don't work either.
OS: Vista 32bit Home Premium

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