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No I don't mean that. If your problem is that you must shut Progdvb then add a transponder(s) after that run Progdvb again and do a channels scan. There's no need to close Progdvb to add transponder(s), you can add what you want during Progdvb running and Progdvb will take the new updates automatica...

I don't think it's a big deal ...

If you want to scan a specific transponder that not include in transponders list you can do it directly. and if you want add transponder(s) also do it during Progdvb run then make a channel scan !!

so there's no need for this !!

No there's not. as you know it's an illegal way to watch pay tv channels and issues like this not allowed here. Y4,Y2 .... dongles work with specific kind of receivers only.

Maybe you are in the wrong place.

This site support ProgDvb application that just run over "windows" not "Linux"

Try in dvbn(dot)happysat(dot)org in linux section

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