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Diseqc Module

I have just setup a motorised system and still learning about it.
Is there an English manual for the Diseqc Module by oNe3 as i have it installed but would like to know how to set it up.

Tnx in advance


Faulty SS1

Well after many years good service it looks like my SS1 has developed a fault Heres the setup 3 seperate Dishes one on Astra 19e one on Hotbird 13E one on Thor 0.8w : 4 in 1 Diseqc switch. The fault started when it wouldnt switch from one sat to another so i put it down to a faulty Diseqc switch so ...

Channel List Editor

I am trying to use the Channel List Editor by Cotton in the
moduals & plugins download section.
But when i run it it says that the Channel list is corrupt,
Besides Progedit is there any other Progdvb channel list editor
that i could use

Tnx in advance



Juergen thank you very much for your reply. I have connected an audio cable from the card to my sound card but for some reason Progdvb does not see my Cmedia onboard soundcard when i click Sb Card in audio & video settings Driver Version is 2.19H I should also mention that i have the SS1 Dvb-s insta...

TT C 2300 DVB-C

Have the card up & running with Prodvb but my
problem is that i want to run it in Hardmode but when i do
i cannot get any sound.
But i can run it in softmode with sound but the picture is
very dark and i cannot change the brightness in softmode

Any ideas

Tnx in advance


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