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Thank you for your help!
I tried just the 'combined' command for record (this one created by the EPG or 'Add record' which makes channel change, start record and stop record with one row )
If I split into three rows :
- channel change
- record
- stop

it works.


Hi Prog, thanks for your response. If I want to make a scheduled record, all what happens is: the Record symbol becomes activated at the start time. - no channel change - no 'red spot' in the window - no record file creation One click at the already marked record button starts the record. (But not t...

Zapping with a remote control was very easy in progdvb 4.x (NextChannel, PrevChannel, NextFolder, PrevFolder - all cycling) and I'm missing it badly in progdvb 5.x
Is there a big Problem in a .NET environment implementing this commands?


At first: Thank you very much for your great afford developing progdvb! After changing to a PCIe System I had to change to softmode with my Nexus. Version 5.12. is the first one not crashing after some channel changes. I'm very glad to see your success. I have one little wish: The new Teletext does ...

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