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Cant find more channels (DVB-C)

hi, my problem with the newer progdvb version is: i can only find channels with 256qam! every other transponder with 64qam isnt working :/. i could scan fine on the older version (like 4.85 or 5.0x). im using a TT premium C-2300 (SS1). any ideas? when i use my old channel list i can watch the channe...

PIP in pro

how does the pip function work in the latest version of progdvb?

months ago you had to open like 2 progdvb sessions to get pip to work. has this changed now? is there an easier process now?

problem solved.

i switched to hardware mode and could entere de direct draw options. then i chose my filtergraphs and the renderer. after that i switched back to software mode. and i could enter the direct draw options again.

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