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i have same sound probs on 2 different PC systems ! my own is realtek HD onboard and on second pc there is pci card creative x-fi and both systems produce this bad noise !! what can we do to avoid such problems ? i have tested different codec filters and with audio processor option enabled/disabled...

Re: Help on channel list

Hi all, I need to have the list of all the channels tunable on some transponders but in a file with fixed format (eg excel), with all the info (serviceID, TsID, name, and so on). Do you know how to export the channel list in such format? Do I need some modules or plugin to install to ProgDVB? Do yo...

for using Skystar HD2 mantis from company technisat, you must use BDA.device from the version 5.13.09 ProgDVB. The driver from the version 5.15.07 ProgDVB has a bug.

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Prog wrote:Is it winlirc protocol?
it has driver in firmware, it is not 100% compatible as an old serial winlirc (TTS35Al). It works in DVBviewer, all buttons do not have signal in ProgDVB, it means sometime has signal, but not 100% buttons.

You must search problem sound and video on this forum, but problem sound and no video and video and no sound is continuing since version 5.14.x. A partial solution is using wave output for sound, but not direct sound, in this moment you can't use volume setting in ProgDVB. A new transponders: you mu...

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