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It was working perfectly in v6.02.02 :wink: , but in v6.02.03 it's not working again :(
Did you forget something?

Strange audio stops

Hello, everything seemed fine with audio before. But now on one channel audio started to freeze for 1 second periodically. I have calculated and it gets freezed EXACTLY every 1.03 min! It's very annoying because it's music channel. I havent tested very thouroughly other channels but they seem fine. ...

Yes, you are right. I turned off firewall and now I'm able to connect everytime. But I don't want to turn it of because of security reasons. Using ESET smart security package. :?

problems without transcoding: it's very hard to connect, I have to retry several times. Sometimes I get no signal/speed = 0, sometimes when I get connected I see no video/audio, sometimes when I get connected and see video and audio, I cannot change channels on server.

I have tried different settings - nothing changes. And one more thing - it's very hard to connect and make video running on client: sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It's complicated.

Ok, I tried Elecard codec sdk. Copied all .ax files to "Filter" directory. Prog media server works, I get no error messages, BUT on client I get completely corrupted video and audio.

No EPG data

I don't see epg data anymore (just blank page). It used to work before. Tried different ProgDVB versions - no luck. ProgDVB v6.01 - v5.16.2

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