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Re: duplicate recordings

same issue. further: updating to .95.9 or .96.0 seems to have an issue with the OSD and freezez. after restart all channels are gone. i even run a scan after and it found all channels but none was working, as OSD had still issues. back to .95.8 now this whole thing brought me up to the following que...

Re: duplicate recordings

here are some logs. you can see a recxording being started about 5 minutes after the fros. it is scheduled to record from 21.00 to 22.00.
i have no idea what triggers it. there are no other scheduled recordings beside this one.

duplicate recordings

Hi! since several updates i have the following issue: i have a scheduled recording very day at 22.00 it works fine, except that it after a few minutes it creates a second file. i end up having 2 recording of the same program, the second is missing the few minutes in the beginning, but both contain t...

Re: 6.92.7

SkyStar 2 PCI (I cant believe i forgot to write it. I feel asahmed :)

Latest version 6.92.8 works fine. updated straight from 6.92.6


I just updated to 6.92.7 and no audio and no video. Signal indicator seems ok, switching channels etc works. 32 bit verion on 7 pro 64 bit demultiplexor: Prog codec for mpeg2 and avc : microsoft dtv-dvd video decoder codec for audio: microsoft dtv-dvd audio decoder video rendere: evr custom no post ...

Re: bug feedback - post newly found progdvb bugs here

i like the optio to cutomize the file name for the recording, but it does not change for a scheduled, daily recording. i have the following setting: %year%.%monthnum2%.%day2% - %dayofweek% - %channel% %epg% if i set up to record the same program every day, the date and day of the week stays always t...

Re: issues with progdvb (pro, x86, win 7 x64) and SS2 S2[sol

At first you can try both types of drivers (BDA and WDM). You can try change delay for scanner in Settings->Options->Scanner i did not found any BDM for the SS2 S2, anyway, changing the delay had no influence, so i wend the straight way. renamed C:\Program Files (x86)\ProgDVB to C:\Program Files (x...

issues with progdvb (pro, x86, win 7 x64) and SS2 S2

i have the latest version od progdvb 32 bit, on win 7 ultimate x64. card is ss2 s2 pci. issues are since a few versions, it's not related only to the latest one. what happens: 1. i'm not able to do a channel scan. it works fine but suddenly towards the end of the scan, progdvb turns the last viewed ...

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