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I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium.
Progdvb doesn't scan for channels.
Neighter digital (Cinergy 1200 DVB-C)
nor analog (Winfast TV 2000XP Expert).

Can someone help me?



I found Girder an want to use it with ProgDVB.
But the shortcuts want work.

For example I can't swith channels
with numeric keys. How can I exit the program?

Best regards

Hi, The TV card is connected with a cable at the CD_in connection on the Mainboard. So i've ah to choose CD Volume. Now I hear sound also in recorded TV. But the sound and TV still do not agree. Exactly as in the case of the records. German: Die TV-Karte ist mit einem Kabel am CD_in Anschluß auf dem...


with version 6.11.03, the original Software and the InterVideo MPEG encoder from your post I'm able to watch TV :lol:

But sound and TV do not agree.
and recordings are no sound.

Version 6.11.06 crashes while exit the programm.

P.S. Use module version 2.12. Wich one is it? Can I download this module? P.S. Have to use Leadtek Muxer. If I use Intervideo Multiplexer instead, the sound gets louder and louder every 6 seconds. Until the speakers only roar. P.P.S. The Log file: Write to log SetAllChannelsGood SetMultiplexCodec S...

ArcSoft Video Encoder - can’t encode video to engine. But this one was installed with the original Leadtek TV software....? Is there some freeware out there? I've installed the SD MPEG-2 Encoders pack. But I can only choose Arcsoft for Select Video Encoder. So there's still no sound no picture. But...

With the AnalogTuner.module in ProgDVB 6.10.2 I see a black screen and can't hear sound anymore. Also with the module from the link in topic: But I've get an error message: "Selected Video codec can't render correct stream for Mpeg2Muxer" Device pr...

If I manually adjust a correct frequency of a Tv channel
I can hear sound. Have to select "All channels good".
As I wrote before, I've adjusted a correct frequency manually.
Otherwise it would not be possible to hear something.

Analog TV cards

Have someone get an analog TV card to run with Progdvb? It does not work with my Winfast TV2000XP expert. No channels where found an just a black screen. If I manualy adjust a correct frequency of a Tv channel I can hear sound. Have to select "All channels good". I thinks it's only work because ther...

I've tried Version 6.06.3. No TV and no more TV-Sound for WinFast. If I start the programme, I hear the TV channel during the Splash screen as a short cracking in the speaker. It's definitely the TV channel. But after this nothing more. I get no more error messages like this: Error in StartStream (c...

I will test the release 6.05.02 among a few days (Easter). See you next week
I think you haven't any good news?

Prog, can you build a module for us card with hardware mpeg2 encoder?
you would make happy many people....
There's nothing more to say :D

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