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spotify built in to progdvb?

in future releases will spotify be intregated into progdvb? also a karaoke function would be cool. i read that the source code for spotify was released a while back, so i would imagine it would be possible to intregate it into progdvb. heres the link

recording formats

will there ever be a version of progdvb that will allow you to record in different video formats? like psp and ipod formats. it would be great if you could just record and put it straight onto ipod or psp rather than converting it with another program 1st.

also i forgot to say i tried the newest version on windows 7 and the channels were very jumpy. stuttering alot. do you know what might be causing that?

i dont like version 6 tbh. i like version 4 because in version 6 when you change channel. alot of the time the channel stays blank. but the channels changes no probs in version 4. unless there is a fix for version 6 then ill be very interested. i like the look of version 6 but it doesnt work properly

yes m8 i use that one it great. but when you record it records as a kaffeine format.

do you know how to stream my cable tv channels over the net on linux so 2 or 3 people can connect to me to watch my stream? kaffeine only allows me to stream it to another pc in my network in house.

what you can try is install orb on your pc. start recording with progdvb and stream the record file with orb. when you log into orb website you can view your recorded file on basicly anything. i stream to my dads house using orb and the quality is outstanding.

windows 7?

do any versions of progdvb work on windows 7?

version 4 would just crash all the time.
version 6 would jump alot
and some other ones i tried crashed when i tried to record.

all the ones i tried work perfect on xp and vista. its just windows 7 that has the problem.


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