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Could you give the output of szap or an eztract .

I dont know dvb well but a common mistake is to miskake SID and program id. Your program seems to be quite high number.

In your szap output do you have stuff like 1907:920:7 ? Then try 7 as program instead of 1907


Streaming over the Internet

Is there a way I can install Ubuntu over the internet? Like, I know the ip address, which is external and behind a firewire, and I want to install Ubuntu from server over the internet to another computer without me being there, but the computer being on. Is this possible?

remote control help

I have twinhan pci card, and I have installed progdvb on my computer to control my dvb card, then I ve tried to use twinhan remote control with Progdvb but i couldnt. i ve tried to delete all shortcut on the "controls" window and re assign them again but there was no way, the program cant feel the r...

ProgDVB pro HD channel Problem

elo there I have 1G RAM DDR2 667 on my comp. and i plan to buy a 2G RAM so it will be 1G2G. and then my friend told me about Dual-channel memory he said that if I want to buy a RAM i should buy a 1G RAM instead of 2G RAM so that it will become 4G because of the Dual-channel memory is that true???

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