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From what I can figure very few DVB cards will drive your H-H motor.I think Skystar2 does but I have had no luck with the Hauppauge range.I use an external STB to drive the motor.Not ideal but it works

ProgDVB Control without keyboard

What is the best method of controling ProgDVB without using a keyboard and a wired mouse.I'm not having much luck using USB wireless pointers or remotes.It seems to affect the performance of ProgDVB particularly when viewing HD channels.Synching issues between video and audio.Processor power is not ...

Go in to Settings on the main screen.Click Video Codecs.The first choice should allow you to do this.Down load the manual.That will give you an idea.Do a search as well.Most solutions are already there.

Being doing a bit of experimenting with Hauppauge cards over the last couple of weeks and that one in particular.Try experimenting with the rendering.I found that Direct x 9 works well in combination with the second last choice on the rendering options (name escapes me at the moment). Why is everyon...

Ok.Tried Arcsoft decoder with various rendering options.Crashed.Tried Cyberlink H264 decoder with VMR and installed DirectX 9.Problem Solved.I have an ATI Remote Wonder remote control.Can ProgDVB be controlled with this.

How do you scan for Internet TV

I have installed the latest version of ProgDVB but as soon as I scan for Internet TV the scan shows no activity.I disabled the XP firewall but no luck.I am using a USB wireless connection connecting to my wireless router which is a 3MBit connection.Any ideas on what might be the problem.No problem w...

Yes.I did that but I have to rescan all the satellites again.A right PITA.Its like you were installing it for the first time.Anyway I rescanned again and uploaded my results to the database so others will benefit

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