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Re: Run DBA graph error

Hi, I'm using: - Win7 64Bit - ProgDVB Pro 32Bit (because i wanted to register it) - Terratec Cinergy S2 PCI HD with actual drivers In the device list selection screen there is an entry: "{BDA} TerraTec Mantis DVBS BDA Receiver" which i presume is the correct device i have to choose, because nothing...

problem with ProgDVB6.32.7Pro and tevii s460 with new driver

problem with ProgDVB6.32.7Pro and tevii s460 with new driver 25/2/2010 on windows 7 x64 iam used diseq 4 port truman the problem progdvb not get all cahnnel in the sat. ex. nilesat approxmat 700 channel progdvb get only 250 channel from 700 channel ? and the same problem with other sat. but work per...

kworld dvbs remote control code # Copyright (C) 1999 Christoph Bartelmus## You may only use this file if you make it available to others,# i.e. if you send it to <>## this config file was automatically generated# using lirc-0.6.5(pixelview_pro) on Mon May 20 05:32...

thank you iam fixed the problem in windows 7 x64
windows xp sp3
the progdvb is work
and then when remove compatibilty mode work agin no problem
i think the problem in registary of windows

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