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I am recomend use bda.device for this device. kworld card very good card but with bda device very very bad not work with diseq not detect all channel with bda not good with ( progdvb-dvbdream-mytheatre-altdvb- not good with all with bda device ) work good only with kworld.device but problem with co...

problem with KWorld and all progdvb 6 with KWorld.device

problem with KWorld and all progdvb 6 with KWorld.device the progdvb is crash after go to any channel the problem with when delete the filter no problem plz fixed it to work with this and my used diseq 4*1 the progdvb not work good when select diseq 4*1 work only good with 16*1 ??? my co...

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Try use BDA.device with BDA.device not work good with diseqc. when search in hotbird port B get some channel from nilesat not in hotbird and with kworld.device with diseqc 4 port not work good only with kowrld.device diseqc 16 port work good the channel in nilesat ...

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BDA? What mode in "device options" ? I am not have lot of information about kworld :-( ok show that and download ProgDVB.ini DiseqTree.ini to show the device option thank you i need help

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