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Re: EPG improvements

Any thread xxxx vs yyyy not interesting. why? For example lot of peoples have Nikon and Canon cameras and not both groups of peoples are happy. Interesting are details about bugs and missing functions. ps: Send me m3u, xmltv and names of missed channels or email. Prog i don't know if you responding...

Re: EPG improvements

mrcrowley, I completely agree with you ProgTV is also my player of choice. Once I got used to the settings I deleted Perfect Player. I use the BETA version I believe it must be something in your settings that needs to be changed. My epg is correct and I can see whats on each individual channel for ...


Which playback mode is good using low network? That is not depended from playback mode. But I am recommend try find other version of channel with low bitrate. Also some channels have more one bitrate you can switch in ProgTV (Menu -> Streams) Do you mean play a lower resolution Channel?if so i noti...

Re: Skip Error Channels

Yes :) Sometimes there are a lot of channels not working in playlists. Maybe it would be an improvement (of course just as an option, not as standard) for some users. (If Error - jump to next channel) :idea: Div ;if you are talking about when iptv m3u channel is buffering?, which in ProgDVB wont bu...

Re: Epg doesnt work

Prog wrote:
Thu Oct 05, 2017 3:43 pm
xmltv? Please send me m3u and xmltv files for test.
Hi Prog; i'd like to See EPG for IPTV like in Perfect player together next to each channel and not on a separated page?

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