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Re: Progdvb 7.23.9

In deed and the next good news: Yesterday late night i did the same as the day before yesterday with ProgDvB for x86 OS and ..... it works like i aspected.
Asking for "Update of an older Version" and update was as i know it since over 7 years. :-)

Re: Progdvb 7.23.9

Since first time of using ProgDvb the folder in my x86 win7 ultimate is still Programm Files\ProgDvB. Today i loaded the x86 versioin same as the last 7 years and than: no question to update an older version, but asking setup language and other, creating a new folder called ProgDvBProfessional. Afte...

Progdvb 7.23.9

Whats´s that no asking if updating of previos version, installing in a new folder must set LNB satellite and os on.

Therefore i did a restore from yesterday. no time to scan channels pick up favorites.


Fix it please.

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