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To Whom it May Concern - Account Stealing Attempts

Posted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 3:27 pm
by Juergen
Hello friends

For some weeks now, I am quite often getting the login captcha, due to somebody previously trying to log in as me, without having the password.
This captcha only occurs, when someone enters a wrong password to often...
But it's not me doing this, definitely.

No idea, why anyone would be stupid enough, to try this, as even if he succeeded, there would be absolutely nothing to win.
On my account and mod status, there's nothing to steal, nothing related with money here, no licences, no mass mailing routine suitable for spamming, no whatever else.
Just cleaning up the mess, nasty spammers use to cause, that's my duty and damn good right over here...

We know for sure, some weird Chinese criminals are around, so let's all be careful.

In case such account stealing attempts also happen to other members, please report to Prog.