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On Bug Reports And Other Complaints

Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2006 9:52 pm
by SiLencer
Dear friends, dear users of ProgDVB

If your ProgDVB is not working as intended or supposed, please feel free to report.
That's what this board is made for.

The Board language of the international section is English !!!

BUT please don't forget to include all kind of details that could be of any importance, to locate and, with your assistance, try to fix if necessary and possible.

Same goes to all other user questions, regarding how to use, things not found or not working and more like this.

These are, at least:
- ProgDVB version and language file
- DVB card type, hardware revision, driver version
- OS version and language
- if used, codec, graph, renderer
- all kind of error messages, including cause, if mentioned
- did a cold reboot help (not just some sleep / standby mode)
plus, if any possible:
- how does another software (/version) behave, including the original one that came with the card
- did you (let) use any other DVB TV or data application before, but after last boot?

If ProgDVB crashes, we also have to know, if it can still be closed normally instead of using the error message box.

Of course we are NOT talking about software decrypting issues here, for that go to places like

So, for all error reports, deactivate plugins.

Also deactivate EPG and TXT modules and any other plugin to find out if you're having a conflict with those. And please mention to have done that.

We're all trying our very best here, but we cannot help if not supplied with full details.
This is about digital and computer based issues, so we have to act in a logical manner, to locate software or hardware related problem sources.

Programmers have to translate thoughts into code, but there aren't any computer command arguments like "maybe", "perhaps", "dunno", "something strange" or alike. Prog cannot compile any of those into his applications...

And, as he asked for it several times, please mail full detail reports to prog(at)
Prog cannot always read everything here, that's why.
This place is mainly ment for us to help each other. But of course Prog has to know about real bugs, if you find some.

So let's go systematical ;)
for the benefit of us all :cool:

Once more in short:

DO post all relevant details, use existing or new threads, don't hijack announcement threads or that for new bugs, if not a (latest only) version relevant issue or absolutely necessary to warn other people f.e.

AND, we DON'T talk software decryption issues here, AT ALL.

DON'T install more than one "plugin" for a single purpose.
Don't install more codecs than really required.

Best regards


p.s. This place is in english and it's for ProgDVB issues, of course legal use only, nothing else.
Watching PayTV without valid subscription is illegal!


Re: On Bug Reports And Other Complaints

Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 1:00 am
by Juergen
One more, due to server change:

All old postings still are to be found at the old forum address
- at least for some time -

So, please also read and search there, before opening new threads here.
Won't help a lot, to start re-writing each and everything (once more, again...).

Have fun


BTW, I wrote the above, posted on the old forums.
But I'm not claiming copyright ;)

Old forums are offline now :(

Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2008 3:18 pm
by Juergen
One more for the road:

You can save us quite some work by putting relevant details on your DVB system into your profile -> signature.

So we would not have to ask for those over and over again...

To avoid dialogues like:

"ProgDVB won't work" - "On what, your electrical tooth brush?"

"All is dark" - "What time is it, on your location? Good night..."

"I can't see anything" - "Switch on your monitor or search for your glasses"

"I'm not getting anything" - "Maybe you were not brave enough, Santa Claus ought to know..."

"Nothing found on a scan!" - "Do you have an antenna and any DVB hardware?"

...and many more like those :wink:

Details rule.
We're talking technical issues here, on which my magic crystal ball won't help. Still no Windows driver available for it :shock: