RealTek RTL2832U USB ( BDA ) - e.g. LogiLink --Driver


since Version change to neat under 7 ( 6.9.xx or something like that ) i was not able to use the LogiLink® DVB-T USB 2.0 Receiver für digital TV und Radio ( ) ; Now i tried all given variants of setup procedure to activate it again. Successfully.

OS: Windows 8.1 Professional Retail x64 German

So, whoever also has the problem that the RTL 2832U based device isn't scanning anymore for channels, here is the solution:

A) Uninstall the driver directly in Device-Manager ( Deinstallieren im Geräte-Manager )

B) Use the Zadig Tool to install a Generic FingerPrint for the Device ( Nutze Zadig zur Installation eines generischen Fingerabdrucks für das Gerät ); [ ]

B-1) In Zadig under Options - Choose (Wähle ) - List all devices; There are two devices named ' Bulk-In , Interface ( Interface X ) ' choose those and select Install or Reinstall Driver in Zadig after selection; If you are under Windows Vista or have lower Rights in 7 or 8 use the Tool ' OpenenedFileViewer ', which you just have to open to ignore device driver changes without certification; Especially if you are running 64-Bit-Versions of these Operating-Systems this additional step is needed before given the availability to change the device driver information via Zadig and therefore be able to install the new FingerPrint

C) After updating device information via Zadigfor both Bulk-In-Devices reinstall the Original Driver for the Device ( In my case it is the RealTek BDA VGA00002 Driver as deployed at ( ).

D) After Installation of the original Driver use the ' Update Driver ' - ' Search online automatically for a newer version ' Option as given when using the properties dialogue of the ' DK DVBT Dongle ' - Device in Device Manager. If it seems to fail just cancel and repeat, next time it should get the new device ( sometimes it hangs due to the fact there are to tuner interfaces in the device );

E) After succesfully updating the device Driver, the DK DVBT Dongle Device is absent and u can find the generic device ( Bulk-In, Interface ) under USB Devices at the bottom of the Devices List in Device Manager; Use the properties Dialogue again and this time activate the ' ReInstall old Drivers ' -option to make a step back in time.

F ) Now start ProgDVB and you should be able to scan for channels again.

Why is it like that ?

Due to the fact that the original Driver given is the only one that has WHQL-Certificate AND that that one is not certificated for Windows NT 6.2+ ( Windows 8+) the Automatic Updates option just updates the infrared module, but the device Information given is cuddled after that; By the way: You might have experienced that in ProgDVB 6+ Versions it was also necessary to use driver from the CD as also the install of the delivered TotalMedia Software ( These did nothing else but installing the WHQL-Device AND resetting the FingerPrint of the Device ); However, if you follow the file and folder changes when repeating the steps in my mini-tutorial you can see that the inf-files are changed and on Update of the Driver via automatic Update linked-libraries are changing. The Step Back, means the ReInstall Old Drivers at least reconstructs the old Driver Information so the Certificate again is compatible, but due to the fact you formerly changed the device via Zadig to a generic device, the Info can not just be reverted to the original one, instead Windows collects given files, folders, linking, libraries etc. and intolerates the rules given by the old inf and cat, instead it uses the actually available set.

P.s.: This way is generic, as all NT-Versions from 5.1 ( XP ) up to now 6.3 ( 8.1 ) have this behaviour, so if you have a problem running an old driver that was not designed or certificated for your version of the OS, you can use these steps in similar manner to update the driver information and compatibility without hacking in the drivers or system itself.

P.p.s.: If you are in need to deploy your OS to a new HardWare, you can use tools to scan system for drivers and zip them to an installer package afterwards all that; then you have your updated driver already in place after installing that package ( but beware that you have to install the original one at least once before this )

P.p.p.s.: To the forum holder - PLEASE use just intelligent captchas ( and lighten up the pics a bit, so they are at least readable - hint: use more lossy settings for the pics, than OCR is not possible, but human eyes and brains can read ) AND DO NOT AFFORD A REGISTRATION FOR SOMEONE WHO JUST WANTS TO HELP -- means: Even if not able to change the way given, just give a side-door for special cases like this, so users who whish to help have the possibility without registering and activating first .

Thanks For Your Interest.

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