When can we expect the H.265/HEVC Codec in ProgTv Android

Hi first congrats your ProgTv android is awesome as well for ProgDvb keep up the good job!!

im having black screen with sound when playing most of my iptv channels who use H.265/hevc
i understand it might be my hardware who can't decode H.265 but H.264 ares ok

But when im using another IpTv program stuch as: IpTv Extreme pro
https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... extremepro
it play all my channels H.265 without any issues and without using a external player like VLC

So it might be because there's no software decoder for H.265 embed in ProgTv android ?

Same issue when using ProgDvb v7.23.0 for windows same thing no h.265 ares working only sound
but i found a way to make it works by using K-Lite Codec Pack https://www.codecguide.com/
all my H.265 channels ares working ok

So it seems to me there's no software H.265 codec included in your releases pc/android
I want to buy boths of your products ProgDvb/ProgTv Android and im shure many others will do
so when can we expect somes H.265 codecs in your future release ?
Again your product is top notch only missing H.265
Thx for taking the time to answer my questions

Re: When can we expect the H.265/HEVC Codec in ProgTv Android

With ProgTV v2.51.9
The MediaCodec are not showing up when trying to play h.265
the codecs available ares ...
From engine setting
Media Player
Open Max
External player
i try themes all no image only sounds
I download MediaCodec apk and in codec list there's no H.265/HEVC codec listed
like i said seems in ProgTv android there's no h.265 codec/software decoder available

can you tell me if there's codecs that i can download as APK install maybe it will fix the issue like i did for windows ?