Skipping back during playback

I am using ProgTV to play channels from an m3u file. Sometimes while watching a channel it will skip back 3 to 5 seconds repeatedly at about the same point. Then it will play for another 20 seconds and the skipping back happens again. I have tried changing the values for the buffering and enabling/disabling the timeshift mode but it doesn’t seem to help at those times. When I reload the channels it works ok but starts skipping back after a while.

Does anyone has any suggestions to avoid this?

Thank you all..

Re: Skipping back during playback

hey my name is michael
and i'm using the progTv beta for a while
this problem constintly happens to me on variuos channels
after watching a movie(720p broadcast), it can happen after 10 min or after an hour
does not happen on regular iptv channels(sd broadcast)
tried to disable timeshift but no good.
any chance it has a network problam?