Re: image freezing after 1 or 2 hours

I am familiar with this bug. It happens because http cache is not cleaned in needed time.
To fix issue like this usually there is more than 1 solution:
1. In ProgTV go to Options -> Timeshift
* Select "Timeshift mode: in file"
* Set "Timeshift size (MB): 650" (you may need to adjust different size according to your device).
* Select "Timeshift folder: /storage/emulated/0/ProgTV/". By default there won't be such folder you will have to create it. To do it you may need "root" access.
There is no need to plug in sdcard. By creating folder "/storage/emulated/0" you will create virtual sdcard.
* If these steps you did before and still have the same issue, then delete file "/storage/emulated/0/ProgTV/timeshift.ts" using file explorer or termux.
commands in termux (you will need "root" access):
su (press enter)
rm /storage/emulated/0/ProgTV/timeshift.ts (press enter)

2. It is possible to fix it by installing linux debian package: "memcached". It runs in background and periodically cleans http cashe at your desired time.
Memcached is designed to work with python or java scripts. To save memcached settings it is recommended to do "power off" with root rights (it is full shutdown).
Without root rights when you do "power off" device will go to standby and if you plug off power cable - all memcached settings will be lost.
to install memcached execute command in termux: "pkg install memcached".
to set memcached settings execute command in termux: "# memcached 0 900 1000000" (press enter)
# - stands for commentary, but actually settings are accepted.
900 (in seconds) - http cache will be cleaned every 15min.
1000000 (in bytes) - limit http cache size in RAM.

3. If you don't feel as advanced android user then better wait for developers to take care of this issue.
By doing things that you do not understand you may end up in situation that is not good for you.
There are no "good" or "bad" settings, only settings that you make yourself.