PgUp / PgDown

I am using 2.58.7 on Android box and wish to use PgUp and PgDown on the Channel Guide and Channel List.
How do I enable this as I cannot find any way to make this work so far?

Do I have to Bind Keys, as I do not see anything in there for this either.
I am using a Harmony 665 remote.
It does not have those particular keys, but I could program two.

Re: PgUp / PgDown

Prog wrote:
Tue Aug 07, 2018 12:07 pm
Must work in channel list. I am not check in EPG last versions.
But how do I use the PgUp/ PgDown keys? I don't have any buttons on any of my remotes that have those buttons.
And there is no PgUp/PgDown in Bind Keys, or else I could program some keys there.

Re: PgUp / PgDown

No, I do not have hardware PgUp or PgDown.
I am able to program the remote if you had the PgUp and PgDown available in Bind Keys for the Android version.

I saw in the Windows version that there is PgDn/PgUp in Bind keys area.