Re: Client/Server - where do I find IP?

The firestick does not have much space to record shows onto.
Let me explain what I want to replicate. I currently use TVMOSAIC iptv server (PC) and client (firestick).
I have it setup on TVMOSAIC that I have a server running on the PC.
I then install the TVMOSAIC client on my firestick.
Then I point the client to the TVMOSAIC PC server ie 192.168.86:9270
The client then knows the m3u and epg without me having to enter on the firestick and can stream channels on my TV/firestick.
I can also then RECORD shows from the firestick EPG which will record on my PC harddrive.
The server is configured to record shows to c:\downloads on the PC local harddrive.
Then from the firestick I can access the recorded shows and play them while logged in to the server. They stream on the firestick from the PCs hdd location c:\downloads
Is all of this do-able with any of your products?