ProgTV with teleelevidenie - problem with AC3


I'm using ProgTV on NVidia Shield with IPTV from teleelevidenie ( They are providing a few links for HLS lists (for Apple devices, non-Apple devices, Outdatet HLS) and MPEG-TS (M2TS) list. I was trying with all of them and on every one a few channels won't start (black screen, no sound etc.). The best list that works for me is a list for Apple devices but channels like Canal+ or AleKino+ won't start. They are working just fine in other IPTV players. One thing that I've noticed that it's happening when AC3 codec is present - when it's MPG the channel works just fine. May someone advice me what should I do to fix this issue? I Was trying on 2.52.6 version and also on beta 2.80.5.

PS. In my opinion that's the best IPTV player on the market!! Keep up the great work. I see there is no polish translation in the settings - I can help with translation if You wish ;)

EDIT: Problem solved! :) My menu > Options > Playback > "Playback way for AC3 channels" - set to "Output SPDIF as PCM". Works like a charm :)

EDIT2: Is there a way to configure ProgTV that when I press for example "1" on my remote the first channel from the list will start? Now the search function is starting and I would like to start selected channel directly.