Program change Wish List

First I would like to thank you all for the excellent work you have done in developing this great system. I have been a programmer for over 25 years and can see the effort put into making this system function so well.

I know you must get a ton of suggests on changes to your program and I would also like to also make a few suggestions.
Before doing this, I want to describe by environment. We have multiple TV with Android Google boxes attached are hard wired to a network with a internet connection running at 120Mbits.
We have a paid IPTV service that we use on all the TV's.
We have multiple individuals using your program, of which a couple are younger kids and one is an older individual(with poor eyesite).

Now for the suggestions:
1) In Guide with time line, show 1/2 hours (Example 2:30) across the top if the zoom is high enough to have room to display it.
2) Set Font size for text in guide timeline and description of listing at bottom or in top when on Timeline+TV
3) More color options other then Blue/Black/Gray
4) Be able to set color for Highlighted items
5) When you are in Channel List and you start entering text into the search, ESC should take you back to the currently selected channel
6) When you are in Channel List and you start entering text into the search, and you stop typing, when the timeout happens the channel is changed to the top channel in the list. This should NOT happen. It should either not timeout and stay there till you select a channel or hit esc, or it go back to the currently active channel.
7) Favorites should be added to the Channel Groups (making it easier to switch to Favorites)

The next suggestion is not simple. I know this!
With a number of people using the same TV's, especially with the young kids and the elderly individual NOT that computer literate, they are always making changes to the system by mistake and totally messing thing up. Then I have to go in and try and figure out what they changed and put it back or restore from by exported backup.

I suggest that the system have two mode, controlled by the parental control option.

Mode 1 - SETUP MODE, where everything is active as it is now.

Mode 2 - PLAY MODE, when turned on, would restrict the use of the system to the basic functions of using the system without making permanent changes to the setup. Turning this mode on/off would be controlled through the parental controls option.
PLAY MODE should lock the guide display mode on whichever is currently selected (List, Timeline or Timeline+TV)
PLAY MODE should only allow the following functions (most of these are in the area where you define the Bind Keys)
- Guide - bring up guide on screen
- Channel list- bring up channel list on screen and allow search and switch between channel groups.
- Letterbox function to change the current channel display on the screen.
- History function to display channels in history list, change to channel and clear history list.
- Start/Stop Recording
- Set Schedule for recording.
- Set and remove Favorites
- Channel Info (display data at bottom of screen)
- Update to refresh/reload the M3U and EPG
- Exit the program

I know this list is long, but would make the system much for user friendly for the kids and elderly.

Thanks for your patients in my long winded note. Looking forward to hearing all your remarks on my suggestions.


Re: Program change Wish List

Not easy to answer on long text. About parent control - I am not plan do that in near time. You can create addition thread on this forum and copy text about PC. May need some discussion with other users.

1. More zoom level? What in percent? I think in next level more programs will me more then screen.
2. Can you demo on picture?
3. What color options you like?
4. Same. Need picture.
5/6 I can do this if you remember me after some time :)
7. No. I am not like this. If you can 50 folders then one "back" is faster then select folder.