v2.57.2 Issues

There are still issues with 2.57.2

When you do a Search and press any letter, it immediately loses focus and will not accept another letter, till you select the search area. Then when you type another letter, again it loses focus.

This makes the search useless.

Also when I tried to reinstall 2.57.0 on top of 2.57.2, it would not let me. So I did a backup of the setting and uninstalled V2.57.2. I could then install V2.57.0 and then restored the backup.

The I noticed that the backup DOES NOT backup all you setting. This is what did not get restored.

Under User Interface:
Font Size: reverted back to 100
Hide Channel Info After: reverted back to 5
Hide menu After: reverted back to 5

Under Controls:
Use touch or Mouse: reverted back to ON
Way to Input text: reverted back to Virtual

Under Channel list options:
Show guide description: reverted back to OFF
Show channel parameters: reverted back to OFF
Style of channel with Logo: reverted back to Normal

Under Video:
Letterbox: reverted back to None.

One last point. Ever since Verions 2.57.0 I have been getting Error-timeout (screen attached). The channel DOES NOT STOP PLAYING, and the message will disappear after about 5-10 seconds. I have checked the video stream on VLC and on another play, the ther are no timeout errors. I checked the internet speed directly on the Android box and it is a consistent 125Mbps. I have either uninstall or stopped all other application. I have clear all cache being used by other program. I have also cleared the cache in ProTV and reloaded the IPTV M3U's and EPG to make sure they were clean. The Adroid is a S912 processor with 3Mb memory and 16Mb storage. There is a lots of empty space in the memory as well as the storage.