Re: Crashing in Android TV os

I was able to do some testing and here's what I came up with -

2.59.2 = Guide data loads fine on Vaders and EternalTV. I see EPG on all channels and everything is OK.

2.59[5 = Guide data downloads and imports, but there is NO data on any of the channels (HDHomeRun is fine. I was mistaken earlier).

I also tried 2.60.1 and the same thing happens. There is NO guide data on any of the channels...

So something broke between 2.59.2 and 2.59.5...

I did also do a complete reinstall and reconfigured all of my TV sources and it did not resolve the issue...

Re: Crashing in Android TV os

Prog wrote:
Fri Aug 17, 2018 6:48 am
Please back data folder of ProgTV and send me. I am total not can repeat problem.

ps: Is it same problem if you disable source and enable back?
Where does the data folder live on Android? I tried looking in the Android directory in the SD card and it's not there.

And yes, the same thing happens when you disable the source and re-enable it again.