How does timeshift work in ProgTV?

In the past I used Windows Media Center and the way it would work is that as soon as a channel starts playing it starts caching what you are watching and you can replay stuff and even go back 30 mins of what you watched or however long you setup your timeshift.

I'm using ProgTV Android Beta version and I still can't seem to get Time shift working using IPTV as source.

So You can configure Timeshift to cache to memory or a file. I chose a file so that it doesn't eat all the RAM. I believe it should work because I also chose to record to a file in the same location and recordings seem to work if I record manually. However I scheduled a recording 2 hours ahead and closed the app and it recorded nothing. I know IPTV Extreme Pro runs in the background when closed and it still records stuff even if the app is not opened so I was hopping ProgTV does the same but it didn't. Anyways this is probably another issue a feature that ProgTV does not have yet.

Going back to timeshift though. I enabled timeshift, I chose 200 megs for timeshift, I start playing a channel and it seems I never get a buffer to go back to, also I don't see controls that allow me to say go back 10 seconds or 30 seconds like others apps that have timeshift.

If I try to manually go back on the stream but clicking on the play progress bar, it just restarts the stream. Maybe I'm not configuring properly? or is timeshift just not working?

My setup is Nvidia Shield Android TV running Android N
Prog TV latest Beta

Re: How does timeshift work in ProgTV?

Prog wrote:
Fri Aug 24, 2018 5:19 pm
For ott ProgTV use archive function of provider in place of timeshift.
So if the provider has catch up, timeshift gets disabled?

I did noticed the catch up availability is some channels. In the guide in ProgTV in some channels I can click in a program from 1-2 hrs ago and it will play that program.

But should timeshift work on the channels with no catch up then? or is there anything that needs to be added to the m3u for timeshift to work?

I believe the channels with catch up have the option enabled in the m3u.


=&duration=3600" catchup-days=5 tvg-name="Univision Deportes HD"

Re: How does timeshift work in ProgTV?

Prog wrote:
Fri Aug 24, 2018 5:48 pm
At first I am recommend use xtream api for better archive support then m3u.
And yes, timeshift disabled when using of archive.
New beta out today and just installed it. I can confirm that channels that don't have catch up seem to build a buffer for going back. Is there a chance you could add buttons to the menu that shows the pause button on the stream for going back say 10 seconds and going forward 30 seconds, or a length that we can configure in the menu?