XTream Codes

I have 1 list of Xtream Codes that works fine with ProgTV BETA 2.82.6. I wanted to add another Xtream Codes list but it won't load the list. I go to TV Sources > Xtream Codes > Type in Login > Password > Host > Name of list > Click OK. I go back to Channel List and the list does not appear. Why only 1 Xtream Codes is allowed?

Re: XTream Codes

OK I was going to make log of the problem but contacted my the new service first about the problems loading. The IPTV servers were down yesterday for a couple hours and that's the reason why it would not load. When they were back up I tried again and it loaded perfectly. So now I have 2 Xtream codes working properly on ProgTV BETA.

Multi Xtream Codes works just fine and the new list format works perfectly.

Thank you!