HDStar DVB-S2 v3 - finds no channels

I have purchased 5 of this sat usb device but it finds no channels.

It seems it is due to being different to the previous versions but there is no way of identifying the differences.

On linux, this patch needs to be applied - not sure if this means anything prog or if anything can be done within progdvb itself.

I can send you one if you like?

kernel linux patch for this device here >
http://outernet-project.github.io/orx-i ... ules.patch

(note i've not tried on linux yet)

Re: HDStar DVB-S2 v3 - finds no channels

Yes i do, and it correctly identifies in properties as a geniatech
using 32bit version of progdvb professional 7.16.09

it scans fine but finds nothing. the signal bar seems to be unaffected when you unplug the coax (this is what others are reporting without the linux patch).

The coax is fine as i'm using it with my TBS cards.

I'll send you one for free (send address in pm and i'll send tomorrow).

Re: HDStar DVB-S2 v3 - finds no channels

not sure if this helps with debugging

when first start scanning, the level is very low.. the more scanning it does, the higher it gets.. it builds up.

if restart progdvb, and start scanning again, the level is where it left off (even though scanning from scratch).

i wonder if some commands are inverted or mixed up.

i cannot find anyone anywhere running this device on windows atm.


tried microsft bda, and enable/disabling all the other options.