I can't make the remotes work.

I have problems to setup the remote controller of skystar s2 hd or the pctv 310i.
Into progdvb only works HiD: keyboard ps2. But i unable to make progdvb recognize the remote.

And in progdvb launch none work, i can't launch the app even with the keyboard. I press a key and nothing happend except windows sound pressing the key.

If i select hid:keyboard ps2/learn. He tell press a key, but nothing happend.except a sound iof key pressed in windows.

I try inclusive install winlirc, but when i select the technisat dll. Progdvb have problems and go lost a lot of packets in dvbs and finally it generates a exception error of time shift buffwr overfill

I under windows 7 when i press buttons in remote out of progdvb it made things on windows. As if he preseed leys.
winxp,pctv 310i analog,fm,DVB-T,skystar HD2 + CI dvb-s2

Re: I can't make the remotes work.

I think i fpund the problem. Setting keys in keyboard only works with none selected. If i try it with ir module. The ir ignores it.

In the other said launch with ir from windows works with usb ir, the problem is if i check it progdvb change to ir module, so then i lost my configured keys :cry:

In the other hand last code recieved in ir not work, so i can't get codes. And learn codes using remote not work.
winxp,pctv 310i analog,fm,DVB-T,skystar HD2 + CI dvb-s2