Re: arabic epg problem

The event description become " bold" instead of event name
and event name doesn't exist for all channels
PS, ProgDVB7.21.4d is too much better and forget the repeated description,
it's in a few channels only and it's not a big deal

Re: arabic epg problem

Arabic EPG is now perfect !
there is some note in English EPG
a few channels have English EPG and it is shown Right to left instead of left to right
and you can notice event name repeated in event description

a few channels have empty line between event name and event description
in the bottom bar channel list name appear and disappear by changing language arabic or english!!
in the above pics channel list name doesnt exist in bottom bar and in next pic it's there!!
that's a sample ... _27500.rar

for me i have no problem with all those notes since it's not important points!
but i thought i have to let you know!