small isuue about channel list and osd

Hi prog
first thanks for new futures

there is a tiny issue about OSD with 12 H clock
as you can see in this pic PM is over EPG event...
channel list
*if i arranged channel list by making folders
like folder name movies-News-Kids-sport to easy arrange the channel list
then if by mistake i choose group by transponder-provider....
i can't return to my customized channel list!
and i have to do the whole arrange again!
if there any way to save my arrange?

*similar issue in iptv client channel lsit
if make new channel list and make many folders like movies-News-Kids-sport to easy arrange the channel list
now i will copy channels from iptv client to the new channel list
if i made update iptv client channels, all folders and channels in new channel list will be deleted!!

*if i searched for channel name using search box
now i want to cut or delete some of search result but it's not allowed!!
if i select some channels in result and right click (cut-delete) is deactivated only (copy) is avalliabe
and if i used delete button from keyboard it will show confirmation window to delete the channels
then channels are deleted...but from search result only !!!!
if i searched again they will be there!!
Is there any way to fix that??


Re: small isuue about channel list and osd

Prog wrote:
Mon Apr 23, 2018 8:07 am
1. What mode selected in settings for time format?

2. Only back of ProgDVB data

3. Must be only channels from m3u

4. I know. This is most simple way for me :)

Thanks for your concern

1. time format is 12 H , and i mention that in the above post!

2. in channels folder i can easy find favorit.tree-most popular.tree, but the trees of sats or my new list
always having name like this (CL-cf1377e7-edf9-4cec-a933-ad3f91261a80.tree)
// i already notic a file named tree have the code and the name....
if it possibe to have the same name as in progdvb, that will be much easy to bake up only the customized list....

3. yes it's m3u , but why he delete the content of other channel list with updating client channel list?
// i guess he do that only if i changed the channel list in server!! (if the channel name is client and i make new channel list )
but can we have a window tell us the channels that will be lost and check box to allow delete some of channels or keep them all
(i am talking here if those channels found in another channel list..of course the client channel list will have always the channel received from server and no need for confirmation of losing channels!)
and in all cases it suppose not to delete my folders as it in separate channel list!

*can you please limit the variable that cause change of channel link in m3u?
if i try to arrange the channels in server i guess that's cause the link to channel in m3u will be changed!!
and i guess also changing of dvb card cause changing of links...

4. could you please think of allow delete channels in search result, it will be very helpful

so sorry if i complain too much ...
some times i think you would kill me :mrgreen: