Progdvb 7.23.9

Whats´s that no asking if updating of previos version, installing in a new folder must set LNB satellite and os on.

Therefore i did a restore from yesterday. no time to scan channels pick up favorites.


Fix it please.

Re: Progdvb 7.23.9

Since first time of using ProgDvb the folder in my x86 win7 ultimate is still Programm Files\ProgDvB.

Today i loaded the x86 versioin same as the last 7 years and than:

no question to update an older version, but asking setup language and other, creating a new folder called ProgDvBProfessional.

After that there where somthing strange like MPEG-2 trial for 21 days asking for LNB satellite and began scanning of channels,

so i stopped all, removed the new folder and did a restore form yesterday. All works fine as usually.

I´ve never seen this behavior before and i´m able to check if i download x86 or for my secondery partition with win 10 the x64.

It seems, setup did nor regognize that i allready have an installation of ProgDvB since over seven years.

The lasst over seven years setup first ask me only one question "Update of an older version" and this box was checked.

If you have more questions, feel free to contact me.


Re: Progdvb 7.23.9

In deed and the next good news: Yesterday late night i did the same as the day before yesterday with ProgDvB for x86 OS and ..... it works like i aspected.
Asking for "Update of an older Version" and update was as i know it since over 7 years. :-)