Forceware 9x, VMR, OSD and TV-OUT


Using any Forceware drivers >= 90, clone mode AND fullscreen video on secondary device (TV-OUT) enabled makes NO OSD under VMR/VMR9 on tv. OSD is visible on first display (monitor and ProgDVB window) but not on fullscreen video on TV.

The problem exists on any DVB player, not only ProgDVB.

With Forceware 80s, 70s there is no problem.

The reason I wish to use Forceware 9x is working h264 acceleration (it works for me with latest forceware but no OSD).

I'm not interested in other renderers - VMRs give superior deinterlacing quality.

Can anyone confirm the problem?

I'm using GF 6600GT AGP, maybe with some others there is no problem.
Twinhan 1022, AMD Sempron. I think something is wrong with latest NVidia drivers.