Format of Tvst file

I was trying to figure out how to create a tvst file so I can import it in progtv on Android. It mentioned to go to the progtv site for solution. I couldn't find it so hoping someone can point me in the right direction as I searched the forums. I'm looking for the format to import m3u and epg urls instead of having to type them out as some change often. I found a few samples but they all import a web link instead of a m3u link.
Thank you in advance

Re: Format of Tvst file

Thank you Prog for taking the time to answer my question but having it like this, it adds it above the Web Site list in the TV Sources instead of on top of the list and it doesn't have any m3u and epg url link. Are there any other formats I can try. I'm adding it to progtv android app. Am I missing something or does tvst only add to web links (even the guides are empty in them)


ProviderName=Name in TV sources
ProviderComment=In comment if need

//any uniq 16 bit id
Name=name of list