ATI AVIVO video decoder and PROGDVB

Hi guys, where i can find filter graph which works with progdvb and ati's avivo video decoder? I have x1950xtx and this is my first ati card, before i had all nvidia cards and with them i used purevideo decoder. Please help i searched allover the internet and didn't find any graph and i'm not familiar with graph making.

Thanks in advance!

Download AVIVO codecs from ATI website, install and make graph based on your codecks. Use ati video deocoder for video decoder.
[url=]DISEqC 1.2 module for ProgDVB[/url]

In case of ProgDVB 6 is necessary to do something after codec installation?
I have already installed Avivo, I can choose it (for H.264) in video settings, but ProgDVB always uses next codec from the list of codecs...