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ok as i mentioned most of the times i use remout control to change channels.
and for that cause i copied all my favorite channels from diferent sattelites channel trees to one , so it will be easy to change channels.

for example i copied my favorite music sport movie channels manualy from Hotbird ,Eutelsat W3A ,Astra ,Eurobird9 ..etc
to one channel list that i made manualy and named it my favorite .it is like making a favorit channel list if you now what i mean .

now i try to change from one channel to another in my favorite channel list.
for example from deejay tv ( Which i copied from Hotbird Channel.tree ) to Eurosport ( Which i copied from Eutelsat W3A ) in to my favorite channel list.

now the Bug that appeard after 6.51.7 versions is:

prog dvb does not stay in my favorite channel list. and goes to sattelite tree that is related to chosed channel .
from deejay tv ( Hotbird 13E.tree ) to Eurosport ( Eutelsat W3A.tree ) . it goes from Hotbird 13E.tree to Eutelsat W3A.tree . and now i have to go back to my favorite channel list manualy by useing mouse .

hope i made it clear enough.

and sorry for my english.

for more detail i sent you a video .
please check your pm


Re: bug feedback - post newly found progdvb bugs here

A reproduceable bug within EPG / Scheduler. A wrong date is applied, when programming the scheduler via. EPG:

Open EPG.
Choose a TV show, starting on some date early after midnight (like 00:15).
Click on the button to add the recording.
Modify the time from 00:15 to something late (like 20:15) and apply.
Go to Scheduler and check your scheduled recording.
It will have a wrong date. It will be 1 day before the recording you wanted.

This effect has existed for several 6.xx versions now.

no Diseqc with Twinhan clone in 6.60.4


I just tried 6.60.4 version. I was using 6.40.4. I have the two versions in different directories.

I have Twinhan clone (Skystar 1-CI) DVB-S PCI. It is BT878 with CI slot. I use the WHQL DVB-TV BDA drivers from the DigTV install in Win XP SP3 + .NET 3.5

I have 4 dishes connected to a single 4-port disecq switch.

In 6.60.4, I can't get any signal from anything other than the first dish - so it looks like Disecq isn't working. I use the same settings as before.

version 6.40.4 can see all 4 dishes OK.

what's the difference ? how do I get disecq working in 6.60.4 ?


Re: bug feedback - post newly found progdvb bugs here

In 6.40.4


In 6.60.4

Azurewave/Twinhan, Technisat

I don't understand these 3 new settings, but turning off 'Use demultiplexor and TIF' prevents even Dish 1 from seeing anything, and ITunerRequest doesn't seem to do anything different if I turn it off.


Re: bug feedback - post newly found progdvb bugs here

Last non-6.6x version I have is 6.43.2 - which is OK. I have no 6.5x installers to try and I can only see 6.6x versions on your web site. I'll try 6.60.2 next...

My Sat PC CPU is P4HT-550 - not x86_64 capable, so everything is x32.

My XP root certs verify your UTN/Comodo cert, so it isn't a bad signature issue AFAICS.

Re: bug feedback - post newly found progdvb bugs here

OK - I have tried 6.60.2 and 6.60.5 now

It can see Disecq 1.0 Ports A and C, but not B & D.

It can tune to the channels that come installed on A & C and it can scan for new channels on A & C. The other ports do not produce a signal at all.


[more info - in all my tests, I have 'use 1 CPU' and 'disable CAM' set and time shift disabled]

Most Popular Channels

I use 'Most Popular Channels List' a lot, but everytime i click a channel other than the one at top of the list something weird happen. All channels shifts down leaving a white useless space...
I'm running ProgDVB x64 v6.60.05 on Windows 7 x64 SP1.
Any fix for this?

Thank you all ...