Crash when soundcard disabled.


With latest version I noticed that ProgDVB goes into a crash-loop when I have my soundcard disabled in windows.

I think it used to show an error message and didn't start the tuner in this situation. I don't think that's good either. Not all uses might require sound/soundcard.

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Prog wrote:Of course all users require sound card. But I must more test ProgDVB in this case. Crash is not best way.

зы: Please send me logs of this crash.
Deaf people don't need soundcards for example.
Someone might only want to show a channel which has no useful audio content. They might even have hardware that lacks an audio adapter.

I think it's a little rigid, how PDVB works at the moment. I think a big warning for the missing sound should be enough.

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un_ottico1965 wrote:why this ???

hi, i don't use timeshift at all,
but time to time appear this error (in photo).
why this ???
what to touch inside the setup menu ???

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I get that too. It's very annoying. I wish the warning could be disabled. Like a usual don't show this again.
I have periods of too high latency which I can't seem to fix. If that prompts this appearing, it just makes the experience worse.

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I have a really annoying issue. I get constant crackling and gaps in the audio with a few specific channels, but especially one. Which sometimes gets extremely bad. Constantly alternating between silence and audio. Then it gets totally muted.
Also PDVB often spams me with the horrid time shift buffer overfill message.

I thought it was a hardware problem, but now I tried the with Potplayer using the same stuff (madVR, LAV filters, microsoft demuxer). And it plays fine, no noticeable issues. (progdvb 7.14.3, laters versions have a broken osd with madvr). But it's likely going on since before. (I didn't make notes.)

I don't know if it's relevant but this is the channel most affected:

Code: Select all

<Channel id="8001A3F9.000000000005C490.001A">
	<Caption>DIGI Sport 1 HD</Caption>
	<NetworkName>DIGI Miskolc</NetworkName>
	<ProviderName>DIGI Miskolc</ProviderName>
	<Modulation> 64-QAM</Modulation>