6 tuners on and crash

hi, i have the octa-tuner tbs 6209.
when i work with the first 5 tuners, the program run well.
but i have 3 tuners that are stopped.
so, i open the sixt tuner, search channels
and at the end all is ok.
but, when i try to press any channel the program crash.
when it restart, it crash without touch nothing.

solution anti-crash:
i go inside the file ProvidersEngine, located in c:\programdata\progdvb
i check this part:
src0=bda.80016499.4:{BDA} TBS 6209 Tuner 0
src1=bda.80016498.4:{BDA} TBS 6209 Tuner 1
src2=bda.8001649B.4:{BDA} TBS 6209 Tuner 2
src3=bda.8001649C.4:{BDA} TBS 6209 Tuner 3
src4=bda.8001649E.4:{BDA} TBS 6209 Tuner 4
src5=bda.80016497.4:{BDA} TBS 6209 Tuner 5

i touch count and i fix it with number 5 (count=5)
i delete the last string (src5=bda.80016497.4:{BDA} TBS 6209 Tuner 5)
save the file and close

when i restart progdvb it run ok, but obviously with 5 tuner like before.

can finally fix the problem for the crashes if i use more tuners ???
i need to have 8 work fine, thank.
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Re: bug feedback - post newly found progdvb bugs here

Prog wrote:
Sat Sep 30, 2017 11:26 am
Afaik madVR not support API for OSD like Microsoft renderer.
I don't know what you mean by this, but I know that HD skin works with madVR temporarily if I start ProgDVB with EVR than change to it. The only way it works.
So I don't think there's anything wrong on madVR's side in this regard.
See attached picture: