It was working perfectly in v6.02.02 :wink: , but in v6.02.03 it's not working again :(
Did you forget something?
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midori wrote: also a there seem to be problems with the cnxcam module - some enhancements here would be highly appreatiated by TNK viewers :)

best regards and thnx for the best dvb soft ever!
I second this, it would be great if I would be able to use this plugin again!

EPG: Title and time of the show shuold be displayed

in EPG, when focussing on a show in grid view, the description of the show appears at the bottom but - no title and no time of the listed show. This should be displayed as a headline (same as in DVB-Viewer, for example or, let's say, same as in the popüp window).

The popup window, showing that information when the mouse-pointer is over the listed show, is not working well in my system, almost not working at all, in fact. Perhaps it is also possible to improve this to be more stable and showing the exact show the mouse pointer is pointing at, which is often not the case, even when popping up. If this would work perfect, my upper request would be not so important.

In OSD channel list, i can only browse channels sequientally. Can't we browse channel list quickly? For example by pushing right key, channel list will go 15-20 channels down.

Can you add a module, that will display with a patterns, for the correct calibration (or ottimization if you want) of the video displayed (brightness, contrast and color)in real time?

Re: .

Prog wrote:What this button do?
easy explained, it is a plugin / module which reads the subchannels from provider premiere and lists it in a sorted list where you can choose these subchannels with the correct name.
in ProgDVB the subchannel names are listed as Premiere Direkt 1a,1b and so on but they are changing always for example when a live football match is shown Direkt 1a becomes Sport subchannel ...
for this, there is a plugin named LargoSwitch where you can choose between "Premiere Sport Portal", "Premiere Direkt" and "Premiere Erotik".
all these Portal channels have their own changing subchannels.
we need a module in ProgDVB which can read the subchannels like in LargoSwitch Module for dvbdream or GreenButton-ng (which is my favorite greenbutton premiere module). in dvbviewer its already integrated when you press F6 there is a OSD menu with correct listed Portal subchannel menu for each channel ...

i hope there will be a Premiere Portal Menu Module in the next ProgDVB so we can forget about other dvb-s players forever :D